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NGR V-Band Kit (Aluminum) V-Band Clamp Assembly Kit (6061-T6) - Gold
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NGR Performance manufactures the NGR Turbo Filter and is the only manufacturer of NGR Turbo air Filters. The NGR Turbo Filters are designed to create more space in your engine bay. Pressure tested to 200psi. Also has the ability to filter incoming particles by using a 40 micron Stainless Steel mesh and preventing harsh debris from entering and damaging the turbo. This allows more airflow and less restrictions compared to an air filter. The NGR Turbo air Filter was featured in SEMA at the SEMA Launch Pad in 2018. Its success has allowed us to create an adapter for the NGR Turbo Filter, which allows you to pressure test your system for any boost leaks. The adapter is the NGR Boost Leak Tester, in which it will adapt the NGR Turbo air Filters as an all in one system