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NGR Fuel Filter (Drag Edition) Clear Cylindrical Design (40 Micron 200GPH) 8AN-10AN Compatible
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Inline Fuel Filter are positioned between the fuel tank and fuel rail. Fuel filters protect the fuel system and filter particles such as water, dirt, or any other damaging residue that can be harmful to the fuel system. It is important to clean the fuel filters frequently to run optimal Air/Fuel mixtures (AFRs).

The NGR Fuel Filter is an inline fuel filter, which will protect and keep your engine running at an optimal state. Fuel filters are normally completely covered and by the time you notice, AFRs are running lean due to the dirty fuel filter and it may be too late. The NGR fuel filter diesel, engine fuel filter was designed to prevent and protect the fuel system. Designed with a see-through design, you can see how dirty your fuel filter is. With a 40 micron filter provided, you can easily wash the filter when needed. No need to run into dangerously lean AFRs, when you can see that the fuel filter needs to be cleaned.