NGR Turbo STR Filter



– Protects the Turbo
– Quicker Spool and Power
– Eliminates Cone Filters
– Stainless Steel Clamp
– Easy Install!
– Sleek and Sexy!

Wake up your turbo with NGR Turbo Filter!

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Product Description

Introducing the all NEW NGR Turbo STR Filter!

Do not run a screen filter or mesh on your turbo! No need to run mock ups or filters that take space!

Your turbo needs to breathe! Give it all the power it needs with the NGR Turbo STR Filter!

NGR Turbo STR Filter is perfect for street use and daily drivers, it uses a 20 micron stainless steel mesh ideal for high flowing turbo applications. High flow without restrictions unlike other mesh style filters, cone filters, etc.

Proven to increase power and turbo response, NGR Turbo Filters are sleek and compact, saving space and making the turbo breathe and look good at the same time!

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2.5 inch, 3 inch,