NGR Turbo Boost Controller (Blue)

$79.99 $59.99

– Sleek Beautiful Design
– Laser Etched Fine Tuning Scale for Precise Adjustment
– Click function (Dual Stainless Steel Ball Design)
– Custom Bracket to install in any location
– 4AN fitting swappable fitting option (Fittings Included!)
– All hardware needed to install included!


Product Description

Set your BOOST with the NEW NGR Boost Controller!

The smallest Boost Controller in the market! Two years in development, we wanted to perfect the boost controller.

With the NGR Boost Controller, you will see increased spool, quicker response, increased torque and horsepower!

We designed this Boost Controller with a compact and sleek design for those that love to save space in their engine bay! Designed with a custom bracket to install anywhere in the engine bay!

These NGR Boost Controllers allow for easy boost adjustment with accurate fine tuning and click function, so you know exactly how much boost you have adjusted! Perfect for those tuning and for those seeking power!

These compact and beautiful boost controllers provide all the power you need to raise your boost and draw attention with all the great features, such as Click Function! Laser Etched Fine Tuning Scale! And the ability to swap to -4 AN fitting option as well!