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DSM Tuners

“I was one of the first few buyers, when it first came out and customer support is top notch When I sent them an email, they responded like a minute later!

Anyways I was going to post review on this site, but I havnt had the time, I told them I would help them out since they did help me out with questions I had and were really nice.

My video, I just gave them clips and they made the rest:

BOV is holding up real good, I did BLT test on it and did not leak at 20psi. I didnt use teflon or anything either, no modding it or nothing.”

“This is a great quality product. I am in the process of building my car right now and have had this products for a couple months now. there customer service is top notch. ill have a video and review hopefully in a week or two.”

“I have this BOV and its sounds and works great. I have a stock T25 running 15Ibs of boost recircualted and im turning heads everywhere i go with the copper color and sound. If you’re thinking about getting one go ahead and do so, i haven’t heard of a single complaint yet.”

“Only product they have is the NGR Type-S BOV, by the way to previous poster, mine is working flawlessly. Sounds real nice and loud for recirculated and customer service is top notch as well. ”

“Got the bov on today. Works great!”

“these really are nice pieces. Holds boost unlike the stock plastic POS that came with the 2g dsms. The sound is great and if you hook up the lower nipple to a boost source such as that off of the compressor housing it helps initiate the bov when under slight boost.”

“It sounds awesome! No need to do atmosphere since its aleady loud enough recirculated. Gets alot of people’s attention! I’m happy with my buy!”

“Beautifully modified BOV’s. I was also one of the first to test one of these on my car, vids are on youtube. Guy’s have the best customer service around, definitely recommend.”

“I got my NGR Type S today. I am very impressed and let me say this. This is the first Type S (first a knock off then the real thing) that I have not had to do the single spring mod to, in order for it to blow off correctly. What this tells me is that NGR’s bov and diaphgram are strong and do not leak.

My theory is that the single spring mod may be a cover up to a blown diaphram and leaking bov.

I am running both springs in my NGR bov and it blows off and holds boost AMAZINGLY!”

“on my 2g hold 25psi and work perfect i test this bov hold up to 32psi”

“Never heard of the forge BOV, but I’m running 27lbs on e85 on my evo 16g and no problems, not even a flutter, since they first came out like 2yrs ago I believe. I checked diaphragm and still looks new. ”

“Got my blow off valve installed last night and I’m really impressed

I thought I would be adjusting it for a while to get it to work just right but it works very well! My car idles fine, no compressor surge after low or high boost, and it seems to be holding boost fine, I may tighten it up some just to make sure.

Also, I have mine re-circulated, and you can still hear it and it sounds great.

Great blow off valve in my opinion ”

“Joe at NGR gets a big from me for customer service. He answered my skeptical questions about their location and shipping very promptly and honestly. I then placed my order the same day for a purple valve. I got an e-mail from him within the hour about how they’re out of the purple BOV’s and they’ll ship me a black one for free if I want it instead.

All this occurred yesterday, and Joe told me I should have my new BOV by Friday!

We’ll see how she looks then.”

“I for one bought their BOVs as well as others and there all positive reviews, there customer service is the best I have yet to see out of every other company/vendor I have dealt with.

I also tested the diaphragm on a knock off bov from punishment racing fmic kit I got and it worked, but did not whistle at all at any adjustment, it also felt like it did not seal correctly when tightening the bolts down (never boost leak tested), people buy it for the whistle, that is the reason I loved the Greddy one so much, I tried so much to fix the darn BOV and it never worked right (would always leak at idle). This one sounds amazing and does not leak, tested two days ago at 35psi and no leak and have ran it since they came out like 2years ago, that alone proves quality.

Yes you can buy 1g BOV for cheaper or Tial which is good too, but I chose this one because I love the sound, a BOV is a BOV..I been in my friends cars with different BOVs including Tial, but I love the sound of the ngr type-s bov, it all comes down to opinion regarding sound, if you do not like greddy/ngr type-s sound then do not buy this BOV obviously. ”

“I ordered one of these and just received mine today as well.

As some of you mentioned, they are a great company to deal with. I worked with a guy named Joe up to this point and he was very helpful and responded to e-mails within a day.

I’ll post a review once I get it installed.”

“ive had this bov for awhile never knew how made it. till now , its a great bov never had any issues and sounds awsome highly recommended”

“I’ve had one for over a year now. It doesn’t leak and still looks like the day I bought it, even under daily duty. Sounds exactly the same, no flutter, just a clean blow off with the signature whistle.”

“all details aside, ive had this BOV for a few months,(switched over from a turbo xs) and its great. sound isnt too whistlely for me, no boost leaks, and looks to be holding up pretty well under my 23 psi. highly recommended by me.”

“i actually have that BOV….. just youtube it… sounds awesome…”

“i absolutely love mine, hasnt done me wrong yet”

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“The ebay bov type-s and NGR bov are not the same. you can’t just swap out diaphrams, this has already been discussed. I’ve had both and i would take the NGR over the Greddy anyday cause of the better diaphram. Ya i’d rather give money to greddy if the damn thing actually worked, but they have been known to have shitty diaphrams.”

“I highly recommend the NGR blow off valve. My car isn’t running as much boost as other guys on the forum but I never get compressor surge and the blow off valve holds boost fine. I adjusted it when I first put it on and everything is still great.”

“The NGR I bought for the talon is perfect. Better diaphragm than the Greddy unit, doesn’t leak, high quality casting, and good customer support from NGR.

This think is quick, sounds good, and screams quality when you get it. This is not a knockoff, its a new BOV with an old sound. The GSX has the TiAL Q, and unless you’re going all out, this is one of the best BOVs for our cars after the 1g.”

“the ngr is different in many ways, have you ever held one in person with a ebay one in the other hand. They seem to be composed of different alloys and the ngr is a very nice piece. Why would you want to buy a used inferior part when you can get a brand new much stronger unit for almost the same price. I think this one is a complete no brainer. Especially since they are continually redesigning the interior of the bov for maximum performance.”

“I know this is old but this is just my experience with NGR.
I think that NGR is very helpful. I ordered one and it was sent to the wrong paypal addy. which was my past 2 addy. We emailed each other EVERYDAY or EVERY OTHER DAY for a whole month trying to figure out what I can do since I’m a college student and only live a few miles away from my old place. I went to check and nothing. There was only so much I could do but they helped me and told me what was needed to do, etc. Came in the other day and I think they’re great! ”

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