Our goal is to create new innovative products for this industry. We started off with the NGR Type-S Blow off Valve, but we plan on creating more quality products that consumers will love.

We strive for customer satisfaction, which is our main priority.
We are not any ordinary company; we love cars, as car enthusiasts, we as well as others look for the best quality for a good price!
We stand behind our product and all of our future projects we are planning! We will only create quality products that we ourselves would only use on our vehicles!
We welcome any new ideas, so please contact us and we will try and make it happen!


This is the NEW Type-S, This is not one of those cheap Blow off Valves. This is the NEXT GENERATION RACING (NGR) TYPE-S Blow off Valve. This is superior quality. No one can match our NGR Type-S. The original Type-S was discontinued due to serious complications such as leaking and weak diaphragm that tears easily causing more leakage even at idle. It was known for the authentic whistle that everyone loved. But today is a NEW GENERATION; this is the NEXT GENERATION RACING TYPE-S.

The NGR Type-S is made of durable cast aluminum. The internals are designed to perform better than any other competitors; it will not leak under any boost level. We use stronger internals designed to create the authentic whistle and prevent leakage. It does not use a cheap diaphragm like other competitors, it uses a more durable, longer lasting diaphragm, which is even better than the diaphragm that was used for the original Type-S. This will prevent any leak and will last far much longer than any other diaphragm competitors sell. It also uses the NGR/Greddy/Turbonetics flange as well.

This blow off valve produces the ever so popular whistle, heard in the first Fast & Furious movie. No other company has ever matched this without leakage. We have perfected this blow off valve to match no other. Authentic whistle even when recirculated! Sounds incredible vented!

Our NGR diaphragms have been pressure tested to 100psi, we guarantee you will not have any leaks at any boost level. Which is why we provide a 1 year warranty. No need to upgrade BOV in the future.

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  • Easily adjustable top screw for any boost level
  • Prevents premature boost leakage and compressor surge
  • Made of durable cast aluminum
  • Universal fit for any turbocharged vehicle
  • Includes gasket, hose, bolts with washers, one vacuum tee, and instructions as well
  • The best quality and performance blow off valve


Our priority is customer satisfaction. We will respond to emails within the next business day. Any questions or concerns please contact us. If you have any problems with the product, please email us at ngrperformance@gmail.com or use the contact form in the contact us page.

We want people to give their feedback, we have 100% positive feedback on eBay and we want to keep it that way even if we no longer sell on eBay. Any issues or problems, we will gladly help, so contact us!


  • Shipping will be done with USPS Priority shipping unless stated otherwise at checkout.
  • We will always include a tracking number.
  • Items will be shipped within 24 hours after receiving payment.
  • International orders are responsible for any of their custom fees, brokerage fees, or duty tax, which we do not pay.


  • Returns are only accepted within 7 days of receipt of item.
  • Full refund is only given if item is defective.
  • Full refund is price of item not including shipping and handling fees.
  • All claims for damaged good upon arrival must be reported to their respective shipping companies then reported to us so that we may follow up with the claims.
  • All claims of items must be packaged the same way it was received for inspection by carrier and by us to ensure item was damaged during shipment or item missing during shipment.
  • Items must be in original package with all original contents. Any item with alterations made will make refund/exchange invalid.


  • We accept Paypal, if any other payment method would like to be used, contact us.



We offer a 1 year warranty for any defects or internal problems such as diaphragm. We will fix/replace any problem internally within 1 year of purchase. After 1 year if you need a new diaphragm, contact us as we are the only company that sells our diaphragms for the NGR Type-S BOV. Contact us at ngrperformance@gmail.com for more information regarding warranty.

*Opening or modifying our NGR Type-S BOV in any way will void warranty.

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